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The BeauTea Bar


Collagen Infused Tea | Detox Tea | Energy Drinks

Healthy Hair and Skin Starts from within 

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Our BeauTea Bar serves delicious, nutritious, and refreshing collagen infused teas and lemonades. They are sugar free, packed with vitamins, nutrients, natural energy and taste absolutely amazing. It's so good, you won't realize it's healthy. Our key ingredients are green tea, collagen, aloe vera, and natural sugar free flavoring. Upgrade to add a natural energy booster, or detox for an additional charge. 

What is a BeauTea?
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BeauTea Flavors


(Watermelon Pineapple, BlueRaspberry)

Bayou Beauty 

(Green Apple, Grape)

Soulful Kiss 

(Watermelon, Grape)

Traffic Light Smooch 

(Strawberry, pineapple, Green Apple)

The Love Potion 

(Grape, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry)

Orange Ohana 

(Orange, Blue Raspberry)

Watermelon My Li'Boo 

(Strawberry, Orange, Watermelon)

Birds And The Bees 

(Green Apple, Pineapple, Orange)

Northern Lights 

(Green Apple, Pineapple, Blue Raspberry, Grape)

Queen B 

(Blue Raspberry, Green Apple)

Chiller Flavors

Strawberry Tart 

(Strawberry, Lemon)

Peachy Pucker 

(Peach, Lemon)

French Kiss 

(Pineapple, Lemon)

Blueberry Bliss 

(Blue RaspBerry, Lemon)

Water Me'lone 

(Watermelon, Lemon)

BeauTea Menu
Bluberry Bliss.HEIC
French Kiss BeauTea.JPG
Skittles (Without the top).HEIC
Strawberry Tart.HEIC
Love Potion.HEIC
Queen B.JPG
Birds And The Bees.HEIC
Northern Lights.JPG
Soulful Kiss .HEIC
Bayou Beauty.JPG
Watermelon My Li'Boo.HEIC
Peachy Pucker.JPG
Orange Ohana.JPG
Water Melone .HEIC
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